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We founded the ZavoraRider Volunteer program after moving to Zavora in the Inhambane province of Mozambique. We could not bring our own horses over the border from South Africa to Mozambique, but this did not stifle our love of horses.

We got involved with the training of problem horses while still in South Africa where we were taught that there are no bad horses, only uneducated horse owners. With a little bit of attention and an approach that concentrates on the horses natural instincts and learning methods used in the wild, you can forge an unbreakable bond with the very horse you might have once feared. Almost immediately after arrival in Zavora, we discovered the horses at a local lodge. They were taken care of extremely well, but the staff and horses needed some horsemanship training.

This is when the volunteer program was founded. Getting volunteers involved meant that we could get horsemen from all over the world with different approaches and levels of expertise to share their knowledge with us. It also enables us to assist the staff with the task of training the horses and taking care of their daily needs such as feeding, grooming and exercising.

The ZavoraRider volunteer program is very dear to us and we hope that every volunteer that joins us on this journey will arrive as a volunteer, but leave as a friend!

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