Care for our horses.

ZavoraRider volunteers first and foremost take care of our horses. This includes feeding, grooming, exercising, taking them out to pastures for grazing and taking care of all medical needs. As a ZavoraRider you will also muck stalls and pens and clean all horseriding gear and tack.

ZavoraRider volunteers also assist with clearing land and planting seeds for grass paddocks and organic vegetable gardens.

Do your part for the environment.

At least once a month every ZavoraRider volunteer jumps in and helps with cleanups of our beautiful beaches.

Experience a new culture.

As a ZavoraRider volunteer, you will experience the local culture first hand. You will meet locals and see what an incredible hard working and friendly people they are. These people will leave an everlasting impression on you!

Taking breathtaking horse rides.

As part of being a ZavoraRider volunteer, you will have access to all our horses and tack to enjoy the breathtaking beaches and village scenery alike.

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